Good Morning (Good Night, America pt. 2)

Good morning, dear neighbor, did you sleep alright?
Ready to kiss your dove and wish him a safe flight?

He has the world’s busiest day ahead,
to make sure with love everyone’s well-fed.

We could share a tea and then head on out
to hug the rest of our brethren rather than shout

words of evil, divide and all that other hate.
We all have too much on our damned plates.

We’re all different hues but still bleed the same shade.
Everyone matters here, and in life we all have a place.

There’s still no left, and still no right, so listen to me:
No matter who stands at the stage, we are all still free.

If the new leading man makes you unwell,
still just give him peace, don’t bring him hell.

Tell everyone else to have a good morning.
I only need to breathe, that is the end of my story.

-Christine Byczkiewicz

Good Night, America

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