Good Night, America

Last I looked, we’re all well-past the age
of tear gas and rioting in fits of rage.

If you don’t like our new leading man, that’s fine by me.
Just don’t start the fires that no one wants to see.

We’re all different hues but still bleed the same shade.
Everyone matters here, and in life we all have a place.

Forget about the red, forget about the blue
’cause in the end, it’s only your heart that defines you.

There is no left, there is no right, so listen to me:
No matter who stands at the stage, we are all still free.

Of course, I don’t find any harm in a little march,
but just stay kind and mindful, don’t be harsh.

Whether you are a boy, whether you are a girl,
you must know we are still just part of one world.

There’s a special friend visiting you today—
—he is a little dove, and he’s on his way.

He told me that instead of throwing things—
—offer them food, remember the joy it brings.

It’s time to put an end to this destructive hell,
so have a good night, pleasant dreams, sleep well.

-Christine Byczkiewicz

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