I Need A Win

I need a win
Not a little one or in between, but a big one where my ship comes in
I need a win…
Maybe a solid hit out of the park,
Or at least out of reach
When I am walking in light
But unafraid of the dark…yes I need a win…
I want a lot, not just enough to get by,
More to give than a pittance
Want to make it and not try
I want a win….
I want the stars to align, and to feel brand new
How about a win..just one, maybe two?
I could use a win, not tomorrow but today
Just 24 hours of things going my way….

What about you, do you need a win?
When your best is great, when your dreams come true
When you are blessed to breathe and your mind works too
You have friends you can laugh with and family to stand by
Or memories of love that still causes you to sigh…..but
When I think it all over and look back at my life
Been a daughter, a friend, a mother and wife
I can see God’s grace holding steady and true
So let’s call them all wins…more than one or more than two…