It May Not Be Your Day

It may not be your day, week, month or even year!

For all those who have watched the famous series ‘FRIENDS’, this title will strike a bell immediately. As a part of its title track, this phrase greets the audience, every single time. A reminder that life is not certain, tends to surprise us and can be totally difficult at times, the phrase instils hope into weak minds. Besides offering a fun-filled theme to begin the series, these words do mean something in our lives too. If you look at the graph of your own journey, you will realize life is never monotonous in its course. There are happening days with all possible success followed by low-lying days with no major -achievements. There are fun-filled days with just play and no work, followed by boring days with a dull theme. Life is not a predictable ball game with fixed agenda every single day. Unless it surprises you with unexpected twists and turns, you cannot call it ‘living’ at all.
So back to the title, there are certain dull moments in our diary, where life seems to be totally beyond our control. Be it a bad day with all wrong judgements or a tiring week without any fruits of labor, be it unproductive month with doses of failure or a dull year without any significant progress, our life is designed for both highs and lows. Though it may not be the best of your time, it still has some purpose to be a part of your story. Insignificant days or weeks can pose as preparatory time to gear you for the bigger challenge ahead. Our life is certainly not an action-packed movie with all possible stunts within two hours of duration. It can just be a blank canvas with nothing at all.
During such moments, it is necessary to stay patient and work towards things under our control. Your efforts may seem to drain away or your actions may yield some weird reactions. Yet, it is essential to toil towards a better tomorrow. One bad day does not mean a bad week or one unproductive month does not turn into a horrible year. Each of these components are just pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, waiting to find their perfect spot. So, while you are working towards it, all you need is patience, silence, trust, faith and belief.
Before we lose our confidence and cry in despair, we must answer these simple questions.
‘Will this bad day mean anything at all tomorrow?’
‘Will your success stop, just because you had an unproductive week?

When you think about such dull moments at a later stage, you will be surprised by your memory bank. Your brain will filter away the sadness, leaving behind happy memories for archival. Hence, it is necessary to accept the situation and move ahead. Just because you encounter failure does not mean a full stop forever. It may not be your day, week, month or year, but those are not the only elements of your life cycle. You still have several other days and years to make it big. Unless you experience the darkness of night, you may not appreciate the brightness of a rising sun. Likewise, unless you taste bitter flavors of failure, you may not relish the sweetness of success.
Get over your bad times and transform them into something exciting, they may still not be as colorful as your good moments, yet manage to offer their own distinct contribution to the collage.

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