The Esscence Of You

I smelled you in the ocean breeze
as if it brushed your tawny skin,
drenched in a cologne hypnotic,

Or was it the sparkling sand receding
That once relished your effervescent machismo
While you untangled my breezy hair,

I felt the waves tingling my feet
As if a thousand pearls shimmered
Your kiss,

Maybe it was in the fulfillment of twilight
That the tangerine clouds contoured your name,
Sounding each syllable in the twinkling of stars,

Or the fragile touch-me-nots shriveling
At the whisper of your name in ecstatic twirls,
As I crumbled into your arms,

You send me swooning over every dash
Of bluebell blues
Like the wrinkles on your frowning cheeks,

I then inhale your essence from all,
Fearing to exhale the very you,
But on your lips when I could spill,
All that I saw, all that I heard and all that I felt,

In just a single spell.

– Rupa J

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