Think About What You Gain

Our life is nothing less than a roller coaster ride with its share of ups and downs, success and failure, opportunities and rejections, happiness and sorrow. Every single day is a unique experience, adding its own charm to the journey. As we deal with one day at a time, we are able to appreciate its beauty closely. As uncertainties are a part and parcel of the process, we cannot expect a smooth ride without any roadblocks. At times, as we encounter unexpected moments of failure or unwanted phases of disturbances, we should be able to find our way out. While dealing with loss or failure, we must be able to find the good hidden deep within. If we focus on what we gained as a result of the failure, we can make peace with our life story.
Every failure or loss teaches us some lesson in disguise. While we may be too busy worrying about the loss, we may fail to recognize this valuable aspect. It is essential to accept the situation, find benefits from the loss and prepare ourselves for the next course ahead. If we focus on the gain in every circumstance, we can lead our lives with an open outlook. Crying over a loss or worrying about a failure will only add to the moments of sorrow. But, seeking out opportunities from the loss will make you stronger. Things may not go as per your desired plan, yet the reality will prepare you in one way or the other.
Many a times, we fail to reach the final point of our destination. Certain unforeseen situations bring a full stop to our path. Such moments should not be wasted by tears of sorrow. Rather, you can look at alternatives to reach the destination and make a difference. An attitude towards struggle and survival can take you towards success. Failure will definitely put you down with disappointment, regret, frustration and anger. But, it is up to you to transform it into something good. Learn from your mistakes, make amendments, change the approach, and look out for options, instead of laying low about the loss.
When we focus over gains, we can change our approach towards life. Finding out opportunities even amidst unfavorable situations is the key to eternal happiness. It programs you to accept the reality and march ahead.
Let us look at some practical examples of this thought that can pose as ‘guidelines’:

1. You are forced to transfer from your well-settled location to another destination for work – Instead of thinking about losing your colleagues and friends in the old place, you can be happy to add more people to your list in the new location.

2. Your travel plans to a far-away destination are cancelled at the end moment due to an unexpected situation – you can take the time off to explore nearby places and know your own city or town in a better way.

3. You worked hard on a project for a long duration, but you are forced to edit it to a great extent – instead of regretting over the lost efforts, think about new skills learnt in the process.

Think about what you gain out of every rejection or failure, do not think about the loss. Life can surprise you with the unexpected!

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