Every Problem Has a Purpose

If you are one of the pessimist types, you will reject this article immediately. But, if you are optimistic about everything that happens in life, I am glad to capture your attention. I always believe in the theory of uncertainty. Life is completely uncertain with its unique twists and turns. One may plan ahead with a goal in mind, but certain unexpected minor roadblocks may cause a slight change. Though such roadblocks may seem difficult at first, they are not meant for complete blockage.
Problems come across as unexpected, unwanted and undesired elements of disturbance. While you are engrossed in the task, such minor problems can distract you from the finish line. But, do you allow these problems to defeat you or do you find a solution? Do you blame your destiny and give up or do you find opportunities within these troubles? If you think about some major roadblocks in your journey in the past, you will realize that every trouble offered you some lessons in disguise. While our initial reactions are definitely marked by tears, sorrow, disappointment or anger, they disappear in no time to give us a complete picture. Once we are out of the sorrow, we will understand that these problems teach us something important.
One may either learn a new skill, find another option, seek guidance from the experienced or upgrade the existing system. If we treat problems as seeds of opportunities, we will realize that every trouble brings some positive change in us. It makes us stronger and wiser as we attempt to find our way out. Monotonous routine prompts us to settle inside a comfort zone, limiting our horizon. On the other hand, problems challenge us to find solutions and move ahead. We cannot avoid the touch of unexpected situations, but we can definitely work to turn it into our favor. By working on our previous mistakes and by finding flawless solutions, we can march towards progress.
Every problem has a purpose to improve us in one way or the other. It will leave behind a positive mark by expanding our horizon. We often limit ourselves in order to protect us from difficult situations. During such unexpected problems, we can see ourselves evolve and progress to find a way out. Crying over failure or soaking our lives in sorrow can only make matters worse. Instead if we turn failures into lessons for life, we can publish our own self-help book! Every time you find yourself helpless or in despair, think about other options and alternatives. If there is a problem, there is a solution. It is up to us how we choose to react. We either soak in sorrow or stay determined to reach the end point.
This article may sound too impossible to be true. As humans we tend to encounter fear, sorrow, disappointment and anger during such uncertain times. It is absolutely natural to experience these feelings for a while. But, it is also essential to get out of such sorrow as soon as possible and look out for hidden opportunities in disguise.
Hunt for the solution, understand the purpose and move ahead. Just like every problem has a purpose, every solution has a ‘positive ending’!


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