Moving on With Regret Is Not Moving On At All

‘Regret’ – a six letter word that serves nothing expect offers invitation to disappointment, anger, hatred and sorrow. Regret is useless repenting over the past, while nothing can be done about it. By regretting over a mistake, error, mishap or incident, we can only open doors to more sorrow that can spoil our present. If one really needs to progress ahead in life, it is extremely essential to leave away the baggage of regrets and sorrows. Moving on demands great efforts from our end as it forces one to accept the situation to march ahead. If one moves along with the prior stress of regret, it can only lead to more complications in the future.
Act of regretting can only lead to wastage of time. Without any constructive output, it forces one to think, ponder, analyze and repent. As everything is not under our control, some past mistakes may have slipped out of our range. This makes it essential to learn from such incidences and never repeat them again, rather than spending tears over the lost battle. As each day is a new opportunity in the book of life, it is important to make the most of it. Regrets can lead you nowhere except it can waste away your precious time of today.
Regrets have a hidden message that spoils the course of future. Just because we made a mistake in the past or chose an incorrect method to accomplish a task, we cannot allow it to harm our future prospects. Learning from the past mistakes is more beneficial than crying over the major mishap and spending time over its memories. The real meaning of moving on is to march ahead without any baggage of guilt, regret, disappointment and hatred. Once we choose to initiate a new project or take on a new responsibility, it is extremely essential to stay from regrets. Regrets is just a way to soak in the tears of yesterday, but unknowingly it hampers with the progress report of today.
Regrets manage to hold a string behind, not allowing further progress as desired. It can never allow us to look at the clear road ahead, as long as it blocks away the view to development. This makes it essential to forget past incidences and think only about the future. If we all are asked about certain things we would like to change in the past, I am sure we will have long lists ready within a matter of minutes. But, in reality, we should plan for our future and write about things that are approaching us. Regretting, changing, dreaming and hoping for past magic is absolutely useless, instead it is important to act in the present and make a name in the future.
Remove regret from your system and make way for plans ahead. They do not say that making plans is a guaranteed approach to success, but they certainly mean much more than regretting and crying over lost chances.


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