Cross The Bridge When You Get There

We often tend to jump ahead into the future. As an excuse to run away from the present situation, our mind clings towards worries of tomorrow. This can take us away from the current circumstances. Rather than living in the future and overthinking about challenges ahead, we should be able to tackle the roadblock that lies right in front of us. Though we realize this fact about living in the present, unknowingly our mind tends to run away in its routine course of thoughts. We find comfort in imagining about future difficulties and planning our actions over it. Even though such challenges may or may not arise, we engage our minds in unnecessary strategies and worries.
This takes us to the title of the article. Instead of jumping into the future, we should think about the bridge of uncertainties only when we reach there. Imagining about troubles and stressing over it will never erase the dark spot. Instead we must choose to conserve our energy and preserve it for the true situation ahead. By doing so, we can emerge victorious and successful when the actual problem knocks at the door. As our imagination tends to run wild, we force ourselves into unnecessary worries. It does not help to live into the future and think about aspects that may not turn out to be true. Future is not our place to ponder about. While present is our space to plan, execute, work and prosper.
Several significant aspects of our life can be handled only after we reach that particular point. No matter how much we dream about some major decisions of our life, we cannot have a control over their occurrence. We can only plan about certain significant events in our life, but we cannot manage and predict every single thing to the minutest detail. This makes it essential to leave it to the right moment and not worry about its occurrence till it arrives at the doorstep. As there is no end to over analysis and over thinking, we may end up worrying about absolutely baseless factors that may mean nothing at all.
Think about moving through a circumstance only after you reach there. Without placing your foot over the base of the bridge, you cannot plan any strategy to cross it. Similarly, significant events in our life will enter into our journey at the right moment. Hence, we should not over-think or stress ourselves until we get there. As circumstances and situations can change at any given point, we cannot have a hold over them in any way. All we can do is walk one step at a time, plan our moves when we reach at the appropriate location and work hard for the desired outcome. Plans and ideas alone cannot yield any result. It is necessary to invest efforts, when life demands our actions.

Let us remember some pointers to facilitate our bridge-crossing process:
1. Over analyzing about a futuristic situation can never yield any desirable outcome. Instead it is important to take one step at a time and plan strategies when the actual situation arises.

2. Living in the present is the perfect way to enjoy life to the fullest.

3. By thinking about unnecessary complications which may not even turn out to be true, we tend to spoil our happiness.

4. Cross the uncertainty only after it knocks into your life, till then do not invest too much time in your imagination.

Take one day at a time and enjoy what life has to offer, after all it is impossible to predict, plan, demand or pave the future!

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