In The Buffet Of Life

Imagine if you will, a true Story about you. If you were confronted in the moment of your life’s end, how would you prefer your autobiography to be written? Now, imagine you could write your life’s script exactly as you would wish it to play out. With all the possible choices and experiences scattered on a buffet of worldly existence, just pick up the plate you wish to fill and choose. Remember you have only one plate to be filled, so take your time and be certain of your career choice, your material gains, and maybe the location of where you would want to have lived. What would you have liked to really accomplish? How would you like people to remember you as? What do you believe should be included to make the most joyful experiences throughout your life’s journey? Just imagine for a moment you could fill up that plate with all the possible scenarios of experience, and all of the material possessions that would make your life as complete as one life time can. Take a moment to ponder on the buffet of endless possibilities, and choose whatever you wish.
This is an exercise that may take some time to envision. For one, an individual will not be able to focus entirely on any one rock solid choice without contemplating the inevitability of “cause and effect”. With every action comes a reaction, so any choice we may make must always be scrutinized and thought through before a confident decision is found acceptable with us. You may choose to accept any unknown or even negative altercations as a result of some of your choices, but a total harmonious consensus aligned within virtually any choice we may settle upon, may be very difficult when reaching for total satisfactory results. Try it, make one choice for your life, then think it through as it plays a part in your life’s script, and thoroughly play out the different scenarios in your mind that may accompany that choice. Be as honest and compassionate as you can possibly be.
As you focus in this imaginary world you created in your mind, reflect on the career you had chosen. Relish in the taste of luxury you envisioned. Smell the air and visualize the perfect location where you live. Bask in that accomplished feeling you foresaw. Now ask yourself; “Am I satisfied”? Could it be possible some of your choices may have lost their savor after some time? Would you later wish you had traded one slice on the plate for another? Was there something you missed? Do you now wish you had another plate to fill? Go back to the buffet if you wish, and fill a new plate! At the moment you find this exercise very difficult to accomplish, a realization or feeling of emptiness or disconnection may arise within you. How could that be!
Is it really what we get from the Buffet of Life that’s important?
OK, if you will, let’s begin to write a new Story about you. The Buffet is still there, but instead of filling our plate of life, we will assume we are already full, there is nothing left to sample. We now know and believe that life is abundant, and anything we wish in life is available and ready for our taking. So now all that is left to do besides enjoying the abundance of life, is deciding what we can bring to the table, what can we add to this glorious buffet of life? We may begin to realize we have a much greater purpose. We can begin to imagine the souls we can touch and inspire, even if it is only a welcomed smile. We find the buffet is more appealing when it is shared with others. In fact, the more we consider adding to the buffet, the less we want or need from it. If you can spend the time to imagine sharing life’s buffet, rather than consuming it, your feelings of disconnection and emptiness will soon vanish.
Life is already Abundant. If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. Believe it enough, and it is yours. The only thing really left, is to share and expand on the Abundance of Life!

– Rolley

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