The moon is full…I am small now but you know who I am. Without me speaking, you see me every day of your life.. I am part of the beginning and the end. I have seen many come and many go… I have seen wars and I have seen the joy of the world’s morning dew…. I have seen many nights how the world has changed and how you have grown and blossomed. Some times, I even have my own mood swings. Depending on how the world and the energy of life treats me, sometimes I do not feel bold. I have to be half some nights just to make it through and sometimes I even lose my glow. But there are some nights baby I am full and ready. You see me, I do not even have to speak. You see when I am strong and full and feeling my best. Life is not going to always be full even for the best of us. We are going to have half moments in life but just remember to make it through so when you are feeling full the entire world will see your glow.

– Dee Pompey

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