The idea of rejection is one we don’t like to give much thought. Although, fear of rejection is a phrase we hear often. It has a negative connotation to it, and understandably so. Not many of us like to be told no, when going after something we want.

Do we all handle rejection well when we encounter it? I’m not sure, but what if we use rejection as a time to grow instead. You put yourself out there and confess your love to someone; and in return, they shut you down. Of course that hurts, but what if that leaves room for your perfect mate? You apply for your dream job, and after a few interviews you get that discouraging email thanking you for your time, but rejecting you from the position. Not the response you had hoped for, but what if that rejection is setting you up for a job you never imagined could be yours.

Lately, I’ve done much thinking on this topic and the best ways to handle it. I can be the first to admit that rejection is a terrible feeling no matter what the situation is. Many times, we think we know exactly what we want, and when we want it. In many of pieces though, I talk about timing and fate. What if rejection is just another step in that process, pushing us out of our comfort zones? Too often, rejection brings on discouragement and self-doubt.

“I’m not good enough so that’s why he/she rejected me, I’m not smart enough that’s why I got rejected from that program, I’m not qualified at all, that’s why I didn’t get that job.” All things I have heard before, and we should never doubt our own abilities like this.

Instead, look at rejection as a positive way to grow and be the best version of yourself. Take it as a sign that there is something bigger and better in your future. This is all easier said than done, I know, but it’s not impossible.

Don’t let the fear of being rejected stop you from dreaming and taking chances. It is better to have tried and fail than never try and regret it.

Jalysa K.

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