Sub-Illusions Presents: Hackerella Pt 1A

A young woman is lying unconscious in a see through chamber. She’s in what appears to be some sort of high tech stasis pod. In the distance typing can be heard at a nearby computer. Until the stroke of one final key is heard. Lights begin to turn on, as some of the surrounding machines begin to come alive once again. “All systems online.” Can be read on one of the computer screens. The young woman’s eyes slowly begin to open. As she notices her cramped surroundings of her glass enclosure she begins to freak out. “Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!”

She breaks through the glass, and disoriented slowly climbs out of the now broken stasis pod. All the while unaware of something moving in the shadows. She looks down at her hands, and body and begins to realize her body parts are not her own. Not fully at least. Where there was once only flesh and bone, there is now also a mix of metal, wire and fiber optics.

As the young woman struggles to come to terms with her new reality. A tall dark figure emerges from behind her out of the shadows. The figure is in a lab coat, but not quite a man, or even human for that matter. At least not anymore. Its flesh is barely there, revealing muscle tendons and bones. its eyes soulless and void of life. As she begins to go into shock all she can do is scream out in fear. ” NOOOO

DON’T TOUCH ME!!!!”In a moment that seemed like an eternity she began to piece together how she arrived at this juncture.

At a time before this moment there was a world already in ruin. A world where what was once humanity was now replaced by decay and death. A desolate cityscape wasteland.

In the distance stands one building that is less run down that the rest of the world. It appears to be some type of medical facility. As the creatures wander around in the clothing they once wore when they were still human. The atmosphere begins to fill with electricity as time and space begin to tear open a portal into this
world. It is from this portal the young woman emerges. In this moment in time she’s different. There’s no metal, no wires. There’s just this woman, and she’s just human. As the portal closes behind her she

screams in panic. “NOOOOOOO!!” She quickly takes in her surroundings and silences herself as she ducks behind a nearby car. Utter and total fear come across her face as she peeks out from around the car and sees nothing resembling human life as she knows it. From the medical facility she sees a door open. A man in a Hazmat suit exits and heads in her direction with a big gun firmly in his hands. She quickly ducks back behind the car and takes a moment to collect her thoughts. “OH shit! Did they see me? Ok Melanie calm down! Get your shit together! My only chance is to get to whoever that is, and hope they don’t try to shoot me.” She takes one final look around the car as she prepares to make a run for it. She takes a deep breath and darts from behind the car. She runs toward the man. As she does he raises his gun, and points it in her direction. She stops in her tracks as she begins to think maybe she chose the wrong course of action. “BLAM!” She takes cover in terror as the man shoots one of the decaying creatures right between its eyes

-Anthony K Savage

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