A Tale of Two Hearts (A Scene)

-Pick me!
-How far?
-Far enough to reach the stars.
-When you burn my skin.
-How bad?
-I can feel you inside my mind.
-How do you feel?
-My heart is a mess.
-Is it a bad thing?
-Open your eyes!
-Just open them.
-What do you see?
-Are you scared?
-I want to get burned, as well.
-Then, touch my soul and let me occupy your mind as you do mine.
The two hearts were pilgrims, and their holy hands were touching and burning through hell. Sinners, they were. Sinners with Saint hearts! They were blind. Both of them did not want to see. The thrill of the night chained their hearts and the darkness warped their bodies. Nobody wanted to see!
They killed the hours through the seconds. A little bit of death would be able to make their tangled flesh alive again. In a cold blinded morning, they decided to run through the river to the sea, and under the sky to their own secrets.
They loved each other till death did them “together”!


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