Your Story Is Meant To Be Unique

Each one of us has to follow an independent route. Though you may have similar behavioral characteristics- matching your siblings or best friends, you are still completely unique in your own way. Aspects such as lifestyle, profession, likes, dislikes, interests, ambitions may coincide with your loved ones, yet the complete package is diverse and novel. Even twins who look exactly alike are united by their looks alone, while their life stories are poles apart. Our life is nothing different than a story or a novel that unfolds, one chapter at a time. As we move along the ladder of our birth, we cross every single stage to celebrate the gift of life. Each of our experiences, beliefs, adventures, success stories, failure moments are part of the entire story as we move happily along the path.
It is impossible to know what follows next, but it is possible to believe in our journey and make the most of every moment. Whatever happens in life is destined to greet us in its own way. Every single experience whether good or bad is part of a larger picture called life. These moments fit into the jigsaw puzzle of our journey in a perfect way. We may not understand the significance of a particular event as it happens, but we shall realize its purpose, when we reflect over our entire course so far.
It is incorrect to compare our plot with someone else’s or obsess over some other person’s life as our own story is filled with some interesting set of adventures. Happiness, sorrow, excitement, success, failure are all mixed in appropriate proportions to give a wholesome experience. Monotonous stories without any trill are boring to the core, hence it is essential to expect each of these flavors as we move along.
Often, when we encounter difficulties and challenges in our path, we tend to look at others and experience sorrow over our own life. During moments like these, it is essential to remember that this too shall pass. As we have a unique story, every single thing entering our life has a greater purpose. While we work hard and emerge victorious over the struggle, we shall appreciate our life once again. We may not realize the significance of these feelings during happiness and success. It is only when life seems difficult, we look around for answers.
No matter how many failures greet us at the junctions of our life, we should choose positivity, hope, confidence, courage and maturity at every step. Unless we exhibit these qualities in our personality, it is impossible to enjoy our story. Instead of regrets and helplessness at later stages, it is necessary to experience, explore and enjoy every kind of experience. Laugh over your mistakes, learn to express, share your feelings, exhibit courage and enjoy whatever comes your way. Taste bitterness to appreciate sweetness. Demand support of your loved ones when your course seems tricky, but do not give up.
Your story has a larger purpose of gifting you fulfillment, joy and satisfaction. Make sure you are following and reading the story, before you realize that the plot is lost somewhere!

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