Don’t Count Your Chickens Before They’re Hatched

What is so interesting about the future that attracts each one of us? This attraction is often so powerful that we end up ignoring the present and head towards the unknown. Though it is good to have plans for the future and dream about successful results, it may take us away from the present realities. The uncertain future seems more promising as we start making plans in our head. Often, as a means to escape the difficult present, we may enjoy the castle of dreams in our imagination. This leads to the idea of counting our results, without even investing any efforts. Counting chickens and rejoicing about profits even before the eggs are hatched can take one towards disappointment. Unless the results are in hand, it is inappropriate to dream about its joy.
Some might argue- What is the harm in thinking about the outcome, since it is a known result? The real trouble is not about the nature of outcome, it is about distracting yourself from the race. If you involve yourself in celebrations even before the occasion, it may shift your focus from the actual task. Rather than working on the present and ensuring successful output through foolproof input, it may lead to disturbances. Only after we have poured our sincere efforts, we can sit back and wait for the desired end. This will lead to sweet fruits of success, instead of unexpected troubles along the way.
Living in the future is an incorrect way of dealing with life. It takes one from the present moment that deserves all the concentration. Disappointment and sorrow are the most common expected elements of jumping into the future. Besides, it can also take away our enthusiasm for the next attempt. While feeling sad about the lost opportunity, we may lack any interest for the next episode. This talks about the need to be patient, calm, sincere and confident in our approach. Instead of preponing the celebration, our patient approach can offer guaranteed fruits of success. No wonder patience is the only essential underlying aspect that ensures happiness in every walk of life.
This saying applies to each one of us when it comes to personal finances. Spending before earning or making detailed plans before actually gathering enough resources can lead to unnecessary disappointment and failure. Unknowingly, this approach turns into a habit as we fail to take one step at a time. Instead of thorough analysis of what we have we may end up into loans and debts for the future.
By being careful and practical about our current resources, we can ensure loads of happiness. It is undoubtedly incorrect to build castles in the air. It does not mean we should choke our dreams or limit ourselves to lower goals. The aim is to be realistic, focused and sincere in chasing our ambitions. Dreams offer purpose, while efforts offer success. If we wish to be successful, we should work hard for our dreams, without thinking about the result. Our present efforts are undoubtedly going to transform into pearls of success tomorrow. Till then work, focus and concentrate on the raw material, the end product will follow soon!

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