I Want To Thank You

Yes, you read it right. I want to thank you as power of appreciation and gratitude is truly amazing. It is said we must not thank our near and dear ones as it may weaken the bond. Yet, I always believe in the strength of appreciation. Expressing gratitude is a wonderful way to get closer to relations as it delivers our feelings in a special manner. When we appreciate people and experiences for their share of love, we are able to understand their emotions in a pure way. Expression of gratitude does not involve showering gifts or depending on materialistic aspects to fill their lives. It can be a simple message or a little act to bring a huge smile.
Appreciation is one way to bring out the best in an individual. As we appreciate their tasks or mannerism, we encourage them for such good things in the future too. It acts as a fuel to keep one going. No matter how small the act is or how simple the task may seem, expressing gratitude for the invested efforts can add magic to the course. In the routine journey of our busy lives, we often take our people for granted. There is no vested interest in avoiding appreciation, but we tend to forget it as an unnecessary task. Yet, if we spare few moments from our crazy run and halt for a while to express our gratitude and appreciation, we will realize the warmth in such an expression.
Stop for a while and think about the things you are grateful for. Every single aspect that enters into our lives deserve the credit for just being there. It does not mean we do not work hard for it or it falls in our lap in an effortless manner. But, expressing gratitude projects the fact that we realize its significance. It is incorrect to show our appreciation only when it is powered by some selfish interest. Rather we must thank our people, moments, experiences and adventures for all the wonderful memories.
I do not intend to promote appreciation as a way to distance away from your own people. But I truly believe in the power of the word ‘thank you’ to make ties stronger. Appreciation does not limit to family or friends alone, it also involves gratitude towards everything that keeps the ball of life rolling. Gratitude for our mother earth, nature, environment, animals, birds, natural resources, stages of life, assets, experiences, feelings, emotions, education, lifestyle, career, ambition, food, clothing, society, policies, government and several such aspects that we can think of. If we sit to think about it, the list is truly long. It is impossible to think about every single thing or appreciate them along every single moment, but it is good to remember their significance and celebrate their existence.
We truly live and love, when we stop taking things for granted. Just like no commodity or material is free in life, we cannot assume the same about people and their feelings.
With this, let me thank each and every one of you for your role in my life. Directly or indirectly you make a difference and that is what counts!

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