You Truely Inspire Me, Dear Nature!

There is no doubt in the thought that each one of us needs some inspiration in our journey. Every task of our life demands inspiration in some way. The source of inspiration may vary for every single individual, but the purpose of having this source remains the same. Inspiration pushes us towards efforts. It instils the need to get out of our comfort zone and try our hands at something new. It ensures that we stay true to our goals and take it towards the final destination. Inspiration can work in every domain. From studies to professional assignments, house work to a healthy lifestyle, it is extremely essential to be inspired. It adds some unique doses of energy that cannot be obtained from any other source. So ‘get inspired to get going’ is the central theme of this kind of motivation.

Inspiration can come from anywhere. It can come from people – parents, friends, neighbors, and children or from experiences- travelling, listening to stories, reading or observation. It can even come from aspects such as nature, pets, movies, books and a long list of whatever appeals to you. Inspiration is not limited to creative arts alone. It is needed for any kind of job. As a writer, I always feel the need to find inspiration in order to keep the literary spark alive. And based on all my experiences, I can rightly say that our dear nature manages to inspire me every single time. Be it river, lake, beach or the sea, be it trees, lawn, forests or shrubs, rainbow, rains, clouds or the sky- nature and its wonders inspire me to create some interesting content.

It is difficult to explain how exactly nature does this but looking at mother earth and its creation inspires flawless flow of words in me. While admiring nature, I realize that new ideas enter into my mind as easily as a stream of water. Nature surprises me with its creations. There is something about its calm aura that relaxes my senses towards productive work. Besides the motivation to write, nature prompts me to believe in myself. When I look at strong and sturdy range of mountains, I realize that nothing is impossible. If we believe in ourselves, the saying ‘Sky is the limit’ comes to life. It pushes me beyond the limits of horizon. When we admire the scope of nature, we understand that our problems are too small in front of our mighty mother earth. Nothing can stop us if we are determined to work on our own path at our own pace.

Many a times, we are so engrossed in our life tales that we forget about the power of nature. It is only during natural calamities, when nature chooses to teach us something important. Mighty ocean or calm seas motivate me to keep marching ahead. At times, when life seems to come to a standstill or my words seem to halt without any ideas to move ahead, one look at the beautiful outdoors is all I need to press the start button, once again.
Such is the powerful influence of nature that it pushes me to achieve my dreams. It refuses to entertain any excuses, while mesmerizing me with its selfless attitude.

Dear Nature,
Love you for your contribution. You have definitely played an important role in bringing out some good words from the amateur writer in me!

Yours truly,
An admirer

And dear readers,
What is your source of inspiration? From where do you get the motivation to continue what you love doing?


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