What Is Color?

Green, Gold, Red, White, Blue, what is it in color what is it in you, what is it about me, my color makes you hate and doubt me, my color is my reality, my color makes you mad at me, my color is brown, not shut up don’t make a sound, not lay down or get on the ground, and stay down, but my color is brown, what is it that you see when you take a look at me, you only see the brown skin but can I tell you what I see, in my mirror I see beauty staring back at me, the smile on her face, a gentle kiss from grace, such a warm embrace, a beautiful gift to human race, he eyes as they shine, bright enough to lead the blind, reflecting how the world should be color blind, because when you look at yourself you’re supposed to be proud, no matter if you’re white black or black and proud, now say it loud, how does color determine power, color dominates and color devours, how could color cause you to disrespect, how could color be so hateful causing chaos and neglect, color has a nasty past that’s not easy to forget, color makes decisions you may live to only regret, color caused pain so long ago, pain that still remains and can’t easily let go, does color speak does color teach, does color practice what it teach, is there somewhere a colorful school, that teaches the difference in color and how color rules, does color give you hope and aspirations, or fear or hesitation, does color sit on a throne and rule a whole nation, color color color color color, we may all look different but we’re still a part of each other, color got us senselessly hating and trying to kill one another, this is the devastating truth we know about color, but to God be the glory, He created all colors for His own glory, it’s His story, and the mystery behind colors may never be told, Red, White, Silver, Blue, and Gold, but God has a plan and in living color we’re watching it unfold…..

Miss Yvonne