I Will Not Stop Fighting

Surprised? Wondering whether you should stop reading this post that originates from a fighter? Before you jump ahead and draw your conclusions on the title, give me a moment to explain. When I declare my inclination towards this undesirable act of fighting, I am hinting towards the battle we have with our goals, dreams, desires and wishes. We all have goals and desires in our head that demand hard work and dedication. Unless we work hard towards these plans, it is impossible to achieve them. Hence my fight is towards these ambitions that demand every ounce of energy in me.
This fight does not translate into any war in a negative way. It stands for being positive and having faith in the fact that everything resides in our hands. Though circumstances may go beyond our control, the determination to keep moving stays within us. It is important to fight for our dreams as no one else is responsible for that form of happiness. Everything we think of is possible within our limits, only if we promise to work hard towards it.
Failure and disappointment are part of the game. Frequent encounters with failed attempts may lower our enthusiasm. It may force us to quit our mission, without giving it another chance. Instead if we are determined to win it in a strong way, we can motivate ourselves to keep fighting. If our ambitions are easily achievable without any challenges along the way, we may not derive any happiness or satisfaction while working for it. Be it grades in school or professional assignments, be it family and relationships or activities for pleasure, every aspect of our life demands commitment. It is essential to fight for our joy and transform our lives into happening stories.
Though the flame to fight may wither or brighten along the journey, it is essential to hunt for the source of positivity. By staying positive and motivated, we can continue this fight. By labelling it as a ‘fight’, I do not intend to call it difficult, negative or impossible in any way. The word can simply inspire us to stay on our tracks and never give up. Instead of investing in doubt, worries, tensions and sorrow, it is beneficial to keep fighting with a healthy approach. In the battle to achieve what your desire, you are the sole soldier. No one else can fight this struggle on your behalf as you are supposed to choose and decide for yourself. There is no suitable age for your fight towards passion. If you are powered with a dream, you can achieve it whenever you want.
Some of the following pointers can assist you as your war-cry, while you are at it.
– Think about your passion
– Make a plan in mind
– Think about a strategy
– Fight against failed attempts
– Work hard till the end
– Hunt for motivation
– Try alternatives if your primary plan doesn’t work

So next time, you feel demotivated, inspire yourself to fight hard. Unless you fight, you cannot achieve what your heart longs for. As an essential core that pumps life in you, it definitely deserves that much!



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