Hybrid: Ophelia Chapter 4

A hybrid human is all I am; the extent of hell and, the skin of heaven. The bones are not mine but, the head is my whole existence. I own myself and the only piece of me that belongs elsewhere is the heart. Do I care? No! I don’t. I am nothing more than my scars. I can feel my flesh on the bed and the bed is breathing underneath my half dead body. The skin to the skin, and the scent is him.

“Hide me,” he whispers into my ears. I try to move but my head is heavy and my mind is empty. “Hide me inside you,” he adds. My eyes are flat open. The ceiling is dark, I can feel the void shimmering over me. “Hide me where I belong,” His voice is inside me like a bullet. The pain is loud! The pain is loud!

I move my lips; my mouth is dry. My lungs are empty and the air is caged outside me like a bubble. I can see the bubble floating away; I try to reach it but my fingers are locked. His hands are over mine. “Ophelia! my love” He murmurs, “Ophelia! my past” his voice is deep, “Ophelia! my death” I can feel his voice rumbling in my flesh.

“Hide you!” my lips mumble. Now, his body is over mine; his forehead to my forehead. His hands are on my face, covering my eyes and his lips are touching mine. “Die, Ophelia!” he orders me softly. A memory of old crowds my mind in a blink of an eye; my hands on his eyes , my lips on his and my own voice is echoing through the memory “Die, Aras!” I try to hold myself but my lungs are tired and my legs are not moving.

“I will hide!” I cry “Don’t fade I will hide.” My body is trembling under his weight. He moves his hands away and looks at me,“ I shall run into you, where love is never lost. Run within you, where I shall be infinite,” he tells me.

“Please!” my voice is shaking, “don’t leave me limited without you,” The words coming out of my mouth are weird to my own ears. I feel myself becoming weaker with every breath I take. The sound of rain is heavy on the window. I want to lift my head to watch the world outside drowning, but my eyes are fixed on his eyes. I feel like if I move them even for an inch he would disappear in a thin air. It seems like the God of rain is listening to my thoughts; a foam of clouds is forming above us and I can feel it rain down my eyes. My vision is crowded, but I can still see him. He moves his head closer, his lips touching my eyes. The feel of his breath on my forehead makes me want to hold him tighter to myself; like we are one body.. one soul!

I feel tired, I am only a human! A hybrid of a human!

He leans into me and, whispers slowly into my ear “Come to me Ophelia! Come in love, my Ophelia!”

“Eda! my dear!” a strange voice creeps over the room and, unfamiliar hands shakes my body. “Eda! Are you okay?” the voice struggles to invade me, “Eda! Eda!” The storm is breaking through my skin, and I feel like letting go.

“Eda! Can you hear me?” I feel the hands on my face, “Look at me my dear!” I breathe out loud in my head. The air is thin; it feels like a feather. Shapeless is the face hovering over me. The hands are cupping my face, touching away my tears. “Shhh!” the voice whispers, “Clam down my dear.” Slowly my vision is cleared. The hands are helping me up; my stiff back to the bed-board. My eyes are on the person next to me. It is Olivia, my friend. She is looking at me in concern. I look around for him, but he is no where to be seen. I breathe what left of the air and, I ask her “Where is he?”

“Who is ”he“?” she wonders in surprise. I am scared! Her expression is vacant and, I can’t see him.

“Aras!” I say “Where is he? He was here!”

“Eda!” she breathes out; with a concerned look on her face, “No one was here!”

To be continued

– Imen

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