Will It Matter Tomorrow?

There is no doubt about truth in the words ‘Change is the only constant’. Every single aspect of our life experiences variations and changes along the way. Nothing remains the same as we ascend the ladder, one step at a time. This variation often appears undesirable as we are seasoned within the limits of a comfort zone. We do not welcome experiments or changes with open arms for the fear of failure or sorrow. As one settles within the desirable frame work of life, it is extremely difficult to adapt to newer changes. Though we may disagree with the fast-changing image of situations and circumstances, there is one hidden advantage about this uncertainty. As situations around us change all the time, so do our worries and troubles. What may trouble us today with shades of sorrow will disappear tomorrow to leave us with happier colors.

Though we are surrounded with worries and failures, we must understand that these moments are short-lived too. Just as we cannot celebrate every single day of our lives with a huge party, we cannot expect sad times to last forever in the same manner. Everything in life is temporary which includes our happiness, sorrow, tears, excitement and pain. If we realize this truth behind changing shades of life, we can experience true joy. Instead of crying over the pain today, we can work towards finding a solution and wait for time to do its job.
We may experience difficulties due to a particular situation, person, phase or challenge. This may translate into long periods of sorrow. But, if we look into the future, we will realize that one day it will not matter at all. We all must have had our share of challenging moments in school. While facing competition and pressures to perform, we all tend to break down at some point of time. But, if we look back at those days, we will realize that those troubles were absolutely temporary. Hence it is inappropriate to accept defeat or hide behind the doors of failure. Instead we should understand that it will not matter in the future. This can motivate us to fight over the situation in the present. As changing circumstances will take care of the future, our job is to handle the present moment with courage.

The same concept can be applied to our relationship with family and friends. We all experience certain differences with our loved ones, leading to hatred and fights. As individuals, our opinions or beliefs may clash with others in the family that can give rise to misunderstandings. During such situations, it is essential to stay calm and patient. If we allow time to do its job, it shall heal the wounds in a flawless manner. Over a period of few days or months, these little misunderstandings dissolve completely, leaving behind shades of happiness. Disappearance of troubles and fights is so vivid that we can actually laugh over the challenging situations of the past. As these differences do not matter in the future, it gives way to stronger ties.
So, next time you experience sorrow and tensions or face a challenging situation with your loved ones, just think about its significance and relevance tomorrow. “Will it matter tomorrow?” should be your question to every trouble. Once you receive your answer, you can focus over the solution instead of drowning into the sea of sorrow.



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