Little Surprises Sow More Happiness

Little surprises sow more happiness:

Life is all about uncertainties, changing situations, unforeseen circumstances and unknown events. We cannot decide our future or plan it to great detail with exact measurements. It is impossible to know our course ahead yet it is possible to work towards it with harder efforts. Amidst this struggle to work hard and make a happy living, we come across several little surprises that bring unique forms of happiness. True to their nature, these surprises are totally unexpected yet they deliver some expected amount of joy.
Why do we enjoy these unknown surprises more than our known plans of joy? How do surprises manage to cheer each and every one who encounters them? Nature of these experiences may vary but the end result remains the same. While engrossed in our daily routine of life, such little acts of joy bring perfect doses of happiness. Meeting long lost friends at unexpected locations, accidently finding your favorite things while shopping for something else, successful completion of impromptu plans or delivery of unexpected happy news from loved ones all qualify as little surprises that offer great happiness.
Surprises are not always about big expensive gifts or elaborate plans. Though such big moments may bring a wide smile on your face, real happiness lies in experiencing simple things. What separates such simplicity from the price value of expensive items is the quality of memories. Little surprises pave way to happy memories that last forever. Such memories cannot be erased from our memory easily, at the same time they manage to bring a huge smile whenever we think about them in the future.
We often run behind big plans. Be it accumulating wealth for travel, house, cars and assets or working towards a desired lifestyle. In this course of struggle, we often fail to value the little yet wonderful things that happen to us. Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans. We may dream about bigger happiness but only when such little joys enter our lives we realize that little is indeed more. It is important to embrace such surprises and extract maximum joy from uncertainties. If we open our arms towards everything that life offers, we can experience a sense of satisfaction. Without complaining about lack of resources and opportunities, we should be able to make the most from what we have.
Happiness cannot be produced from an external source and supplied to us in packages. We cannot purchase it on the basis of our wealth status and be assured that such happiness will last forever. Instead real joy lies in little experiences that color our daily course on a regular basis. Rather than waiting for that perfect trip to a far-away destination, enjoy your short neighborhood trips in the meanwhile. It does not mean that one should stay away from dreams or limit their hopes. It is equally important to work towards larger aim in life, but not at the cost of ignoring your simple present moments.
Enjoy the little surprises of joy that come across your path in a rather unexpected way and make the most of life, after all little surprises sow more happiness!

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