Whatever We Wanted

In school, they told us all,
We could be whatever we wanted.
We act like we didn’t hear them!
As if the words they spoke were haunted.
Here we are, becoming adults,
Struggling to find what captivates us,
What brings us alive, and activates us.

To take the road less traveled,
Could be the most successful route.
Yes, you will slip and you will fall,
But who’s even keeping count?
There’sfew people in this world,
That succeed the first time around.
When you take a risk with something new,
Step back to admire your work, be proud.
Whether it’s a truck you built,
Or a family you grew,
A degree you received,
That was meant to be you.
Anything you acheive,
Anyone who makes you strong,
Everything that you believe,
Will lead your soul where it belongs.

-Dainelle Conolley