The Infamously Famous Blame Game

Blame game is the most popular, loved and simple form of game played by all. Wondering what does this blame game mean? Let these questions offer you the right hint.
Dissatisfied with life? Blame your destiny
Failed relationships? Blame the ‘other’ person
Boring and monotonous life? Blame your lifestyle
Lack of money or assets? Blame your stars
Feeling lazy? Blame the weather and atmosphere
This is how we all play the ‘Blame game’. While some of you may disagree with the usage of word ‘we’, knowingly or unknowingly we all are guilty of playing it at some point. You may be cautious to avoid it, but isn’t it tempting to put the blame on others, while waiting for a miracle? Though we may not blame our loved ones or people around, we tend to blame our destiny quite often. When situations or circumstances do not favor us, it is easier to transfer the blame on our stars. This gives a scope to stay helpless and sit idle for some magic. We may fail to realize that life is not what happens when we are waiting for it to be ‘happening’. It is totally under our control to extract happiness and satisfaction out of it.
Our happiness, success, peace, well-being and satisfaction all lie in our own hands. Unless we make any efforts or believe in ourselves, no one can help us. Blaming situations and circumstances will not be of any use. Those situations may influence your course of actions or alter your strategy to some extent, but it does not mean you can blame them and sit idle. If you want to be happy in life, no one has the power to take it away from you. What you do in your journey is completely your choice. Whether you choose to work hard and pursue your dreams or whether you waste your opportunity behind the blame game, everything is up to you.
It is essential to identity your areas of interest. Be it career or hobbies, lifestyle or food, travel plans or assets, you are supposed to take your own decisions to figure out what appeals to you. It does not mean you can turn a blind eye from your loved ones and turn selfish in the process. It simply means that blaming others for lack of happiness or blaming others for your incorrect choices is absolutely wrong. We all have paint brushes to decorate our blank canvas. Interfering with others or getting affected by others will only ruin this painting forever. Our loved ones are passengers in the boat of life, while the oar lies in our hands. They can guide, inspire, suggest and wish, but the final responsibility of rowing is ours. Unless we decide to move in the right manner with care and dedication, we cannot reach the coast. Opportunities do not come to us wrapped in fancy gift papers. They are supposed to be hunted and created.
Situations may not be under our control, but we can definitely control our reactions to it. We all have two options- blame the situation and cry or find some alternatives and smile. Choose your option wisely or else this blame game is too addictive to walk away from.

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