Will Anger Solve It?

As humans, we all go through wide range of emotions and feelings. Happiness, sorrow, excitement, guilt, boredom, anger and endless expressions that make us social animals with feelings in our heart. State of equilibrium without any emotions will turn us into lifeless beings as life is all about experiencing every moment to the fullest. We cannot refrain ourselves from expressing our feelings as it connects us with those around. Unless we display our emotions and experiences, we cannot communicate and bond with others. Each of these feelings are governed by situations and circumstances. As none of the situations are in our hands, we cannot predict our behavior. But does that mean we cannot control our expressions? Can we decide to stay away from particular kind of emotions that can disturb or hurt others?

It is true that situations are absolutely unpredictable. Though we may channel our mind to behave in a certain manner always, it is not possible to follow those guidelines as fixed rules or laws. Yet, there is one thing that we can definitely control. If we decide, we can stop ourselves from getting ‘angry’. Anger is an emotion or feeling that yields nothing but disappointment. It is not useful in any kind of situation as it drains away all our valuable and usable form of energy. Anger is capable of blocking our positive flow of thoughts and blind us with its useless acts. It is a form of expression that presents its ugly head after disappointment with ourselves or an argument with others. It follows after a misunderstanding with our loved ones or when we have difference of opinion with others. Though it is a natural expression that we often fail to control, we must realize that our anger will never take us to the finish line.

It shall stay with us and block our paths, creating unnecessary imbalance in our thoughts. Rather, we can choose to remain silent, think for a while and come up with a good solution in due course of time. When two individuals have contrasting views over a situation, involvement of anger does the job of adding fuel to the fire. Instead of taking them to a conclusion, it disturbs them with raging emotions and hurtful acts. Eventually, the situation may spoil to greater levels leading to major fights. It is practically impossible to switch off this anger with some magic button. None of us are saints to be able to control our anger and remain calm in unpleasant situations. Yet, I strongly believe we can work towards tuning it down. Undesirable action of a situation may not be under our control, but our reaction to it can be definitely controlled. We can promise ourselves to tone down this anger and change our response under such situations.

We may not succeed immediately, but sooner or later our default reactions shall change. You can look around for inspiration from your own loved ones. You will find that there are many individuals who have mastered the art of remaining calm in any type of situation. Learn from their responses and tone down the anger. Seek help from inspirational books or meditation.
So, next time you find yourself in an undesirable situation, ask this question- “Will anger solve it?” and wait for the response. It will make you realize that anger is only adding to the problem and not solving it in any way.

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