Awake In A Dream

Fires, Floods, Hurricanes, Tsunamis and an Earthquake
what the hell is really going on for Christ sake

KKK and Neo Nazis running around saying Heil Trump
while working class people in America still live in a dump

90 people get shot to death here everyday
and the NRA about this has nothing to say

The GOP wants to steal from the poor
so they can give the wealth even more

Via #trumpcare and tax cuts for the rich
but, when workers ask to raise the minimum wage there is always a glitch

Young Black people committing genocide
Cops kill them also but, the courts let them slide

All of the above recur in my mind as a nightmare theme
as I live stone cold sober-A Wake In A Dream

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson 9/16/17

“Title and Theme inspired by a video tweet by Amanda Seales”

Sometimes The Bear Eats You


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