A Bullet Doesn’t Care

A Bullet Doesn’t Care
if we have straight or nappy hair

Or about the color of our skin
if we are fat vs thin

If we are dumb or a smartie
or who we vote for as a political party

Won or lost a beauty contest
or which religion we last professed

If we are Gay or Straight
or when was the last time we went on a date

It matters not to it if we changed our sex
or ramble on like Trump out of context

If we are Wealthy or Poor
or which sports team we adore

Or if we are Male vs Female
or prefer text msg to e-mail

Been to prison or to jail
believe in Heaven or Hell

A Bullet Doesn’t Care…….

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson 8/24/17

*Inspired by Trump’s proposed ban on Trans-gendered people in our US Military.

Sometimes The Bear Eats You



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