How Do You Measure Success?

Before I go ahead with the thought in question, I want you all to pause for a bit. I want you to frame your answer over the same. What is success? Or how do you label someone as successful? Is it possible to agree upon a universal definition or does it mean different things for different individuals?
We all use the term ‘success’ to describe a victorious feat or celebrate a significant milestone. But, if we think about its meaning, we realize that it is quite vague in every way. What you define as success may not match with the person next to you or what appears as successful for one may not offer the true sense of happiness to someone else. The simple reason for this discrepancy is our individuality. As each one of us are individuals with a unique thought process, it is not possible to agree upon common terms of success. Success follows rules of customization or personalization as every living being has a different way to look at it. In order to gain success or achieve that sense of satisfaction, we have to put on our glasses and face the world. The end result of this success may be common. It may lead us to happiness and joy at the other end of finish line, but our routes and props are different.

For some, success is all about wealth and assets, for few others it is all about simplicity and peace. Some may rely on credentials, fame and laurels as their version of success, while some may believe in moments of pure fun. Sometimes, essence of family, love, relationships, affection may dominate one’s definition. Or few others may believe in peace with one’s own mind as their flavor of success. Whatever may be the case, there is no harm in deciding your own destination. It is incorrect to judge someone for their belief over success. As long as your method does not trouble or cause inconvenience to those around you, it is perfectly normal to have a diverse opinion. Judging someone based on their outlook or declaring some as failure or unsuccessful because their milestones do not match with yours is totally incorrect by all means.

Sticking to stereotypic attitude is the most common problem in our judgmental society. One cannot be termed as successful just because he/she follows the norms of ‘so-called’ perfect life. For you it may be about a well settled lifestyle in a comfortable atmosphere, for someone else it may be about exploring passion in a unique setup. None of us are wrong if we decide our own path and work over it. It is unacceptable if we display laziness in our approach. As long as you are working over your road map with sincere efforts, there is no need to bother about the background noise. It may not match with the plans of your friends or fellow mates of same age, but as far as it gives you happiness, you are good to go.

Find your definition of success and make sure to focus your efforts. No matter what is your goal, unless you move towards it, you cannot be ‘successful’. Do not compare yourself with those around you, if your birth and life is unique, so is your journey and destination!

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