It Is Not True, Until It Happens …

It Is Not True, Until It Happens …

Fear of future is the most common form of worry that grips us all. No matter how well we tune our minds towards the known present today, it tends to wander into the unknown tomorrow at the next possible opportunity. Though we cannot justify this habit of stressing over the future, the ability to store memories is one of the reasons for this form of worry. While some unpleasant situation from the past etches a permanent impact into our system, we are unable to erase this impression in our journey ahead. This leads us to worry, anxiety, tension and fear that such things may replicate in the future. The first impression about many experiences dominate the subsequent happenings ahead. They linger around as dark clouds over our thoughts.

We fail to give it a chance, if we have convinced ourselves about the bitter taste. While it is extremely essential to prepare and plan ahead in time, it is incorrect to overthink about it or stress over the unknown. Just because your first project failed, does not mean you shall never succeed ahead. One unpleasant experience at an adventurous activity does not mean it shall repeat again. Or one unforeseen accident does not duplicate into another because that is how you feel. Unless you get there, it is impossible to predict.

Our mind has the habit of forecasting experiences well before it actually happens. It may not be a desirable experience but that does not mean you can spoil your present with unrealistic pictures. Unless it greets you, how can you be so sure that it is going to be rude? It is obviously called ‘uncertain’ for a reason. If you and I could exactly predict how the future looks like, we would definitely eradicate the sorrows. But, then is it possible? Rather than worrying about the assumed mountain of challenges miles down the road, why don’t you focus on that pile of mud right in front of you? If thoughts could move away those challenges, then you can certainly be lost in it with pleasure. But that is not how it works. You have to focus on efforts today to wipe off the troubles in the process.

We are often worried about the future since we tend to compare our journey with those around. Just because we have a timeline for reference, we start obsessing over our path too. It is absolutely beneficial to draw guidance, seek advice, follow your inspirational model and network with peers to improve your performance, but do not worry about the future, while you are at it. You may take time to get there, but if you are worried or preoccupied by the fear of how it looks like, you may never reach. No one said that the path is smooth, but then did someone say that it does not exist at all? It may have ups and downs, but unless you get there, you cannot comment.
Using references of your past experiences to fill your present with worries is nothing less than a useless activity. Preconceived notions are our greatest enemy. It is good to be prepared in order to avoid some known troubles, but it is bad to fear and conclude that the future may be difficult. Future will be fun, if you make peace with your present and live every moment to its maximum extent.

Small pieces join together to make a big picture in a jigsaw puzzle. Our life is somewhat similar. Little moments every passing day will join together into the picture of our life. In the excitement or hurry of seeing the final impression, we cannot ignore the present that is unfolding right in front of us.

It is true, real and crystal clear only after it actually happens; just like, you cannot predict ‘Monday’ will be bad, unless you actually face the day. Give those Monday blues a rest and let the truth surprise you!

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