The Angels Above

The Angels Above.

I am carrying this silent love on my shoulders, and it is loud and heavy. Thus, time has left me; I am unmoved, unfazed and dead. My bones are to the ground and, I am hearing the angels calling my name. They are talking some dreams into my head and, they are throwing the stars at my feet. The sky is in the ground and I am falling head first. The angles are calling your name once.. twice, and they are asking me about you. They want to know the color of your soul and the limit of you skin. They want to know why I am dead?

“Why are you dead?”
“Because, I am deeply in the past with my love.”
“Were you close?”
“We never touched, just his fingers through my hair. We never kissed, just his lips to my ears. We never said we loved, just our eyes talked.”
“Did you have time?”
“One moment, we saw the world at our feet, and the next all we had were our empty hands. I tried to count to ten but my fingers were numb. Then, I tried again because the possibility of losing time was hovering over me and, the time was passing through my fingers like an ocean and his hands were my shore.”
“Did he see you?”
“Sometimes, between the ending of possibilities and the beginning of a long lost memory.”
“Will this love end?”
“Not today.”
The angles had left, undecided. I heard them whispering my destiny. Then, they decided to leave me here; in the time between heaven and earth. In the space between your dreams and mine; floating in the no place and the no time.
“Why, I am left here?”
“To dream.”


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