Away From Noise, Everyday

Noise is that disturbing loud sound which does more harm than good. Undesirable sound with an irritating feel, it is definitely unnecessary by all means. Hence, no doubt in the obvious fact that we need to stay away from it. But is that the only form of noise capable of causing harm or is there is some other noise we need to shut off? Moving away from blaring music or honking horns is still an option, but what about the noise that keeps poking our minds more often than needed? What about the background sound of our thoughts, doubts, worries, tensions and plans that tend to keep us occupied? Is it possible to switch it off for some time or tune it down it for a short while?

This noise in question arises from our overthinking mind. An efficient analyst who loves to think and overthink, this mind engages in some form of contemplation, every now and then. From what people think about us to what we need to do for our own happiness, from what is good or bad to why some people behave in a certain manner, we can think about anything and everything under the sun.

While work may still keep us occupied, our mind is sharp enough to catch any possible free moment and get to its task. Be it plans about a future project or ideas for a next venture, worries about much awaited task or hopes for a desirable outcome, mind certainly has lots to do. And not just mind, even our body is totally engrossed in matching pace with these plans. There is no harm in focusing our thoughts or planning ideas for the road ahead, but it is also essential to cut these thoughts for a short while and stay away from everything for our own good.

This is exactly what meditation does. It inspires us to stay quiet, feel our inner self and experience the magic of being with ourselves. Meditation does not mean practicing some difficult exercises, following a spiritual leader or going to a faraway sacred place to achieve it. It does not demand particular clothes, accessories or registration to seek that feeling. It simply means staying away from the disturbing noise of thoughts for a short while. You can experience such quiet moments through any task of your choice. Be it gardening, painting, yoga, walk or any activity. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and staying quiet. Or some may prefer to look at nature for few moments. You can do whatever that suits you, but the underlying purpose is to cleanse your inner mind. The aim is to spend quality time with yourself, without thinking about the world for few minutes.
Do not overexert yourself with work or be too busy to ignore it. The world can wait while you be with yourself for some time. No matter how busy your schedule looks like or how demanding your role is, you definitely deserve this soul searching, every single day. Unless you shut yourself for something as short as just five minutes, you cannot refill fuel into your system. It will enrich you with a sense of pleasure and happiness to get back to the usual. Customize this activity as per your lifestyle and stay away from that noise every day. Incorporate it within your schedule and see the benefit yourself.
Shut that noise for some time and you will definitely enjoy the melodious rhythm that follows.

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