Best Friends

Treasure your best friends – after all, they are the ‘best’ for a reason

There are ‘good’ friends who stay with us always and then there are ‘best’ friends who are with us
forever. Between these good and best friends are several miles of separation- marked with love,
affection, care, concern and honesty. As we ascend various stages of our journey, we encounter diverse
relations, meet numerous people and make innumerable bonds.
With changing circumstances as our priorities, responsibilities, duties and interests change, we also
experience this variation among our set of people. While some relations demand our time always, there
are few bonds that go beyond this need of commitment. Best friends are one such set of people who
weigh you above everything else. No matter how many variables enter into your circuit, demanding
change in your schedules and lifestyle, these best friends are always yours. No wonder, they officially
snatch the title of 2 a.m. friends, as they are just a call or text away.
With passing years, we find it difficult to balance our responsibilities. All those funny childhood talks of
growing up together or buying big houses next to each other evaporate in thin air, with mounting duties
of adulthood.
No one intends to draw such distance, but unexpected situations may pull you away from your best
friends. There are few lucky souls who still reside next to their best friends even today, while most of us
are drawn away in the maze of adult life. There is fun or thrill in these acts too, as we grow with time.
Progressing ahead with every step of life is definitely the need of the hour. Hence, there is nothing
wrong, when those good, old times seem to be lost in the process. But, not maintaining those relations
or taking them for granted is absolutely incorrect. You may not be able to give same amount of time to
your best friends since school or college, but you can always find ways to stay connected.
The best part about these best friends is the high level of trust and faith. As the bond strengthens with
growing years, it only increases the flavor of love and affection. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is not
something that applies to these bunch of loved ones, as they stay in your hearts forever. If each time
you had to explain yourself or prove your bond to these people, it does not qualify to be your best
relation in any way. Just as we love our family no matter how far we reside or how busy our schedules
are, the same logic binds two best friends together. Close by hearts, but far by distance proves that best
friends are truly special for a reason.
There is undefined level of ease that runs along all through the lifetime. Unless you break the trust
with something horrible, the bond only strengthens, year after year. You grow together through
relatable experiences and challenges along the way.
You may be far away from your best friend, yet be close in their minds always. Celebrate this bond that
deserves nothing but the best. Connect with them often, appreciate their presence, trouble them for
slightest things and be truthful to them, after all only a best friend can laugh at you, tease you, mock
you, yet love you unconditionally!

P.S: To all my best friends, “You have no choice but to read and appreciate my articles, after all it is your
duty and my right!”

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Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash