Last night I dreamt I was a Frenchwoman
whose eyes were fixed on you on a sofabed,
lying flat on your back that continued to pain.
Still, I wanted to keep you nice and well-fed

with chai, kisses, and my tender, loving hands.
We both suggested the TV remain dark
as you looked away from me towards the screen,
and your back pain made its way through my heart.

You then told me to lay down with you
on that slightly flat surface, lay my head to rest.
I removed my shoes, and soon my jeans.
My hand caressing you, we both felt blessed.

You and the room grew twenty degrees colder
and frightened tears obstructed my sight.
I really don’t want you to leave me, I’m shivering….
….I should’ve skipped the lavender tonight.

I think I’ll trade in the lavender for pine
by the cabin where you’d be forever mine.
Please tell me I was only hastily asleep
when the cold room plunged too deep.

– Christine Byczkiewicz

Photo by Frank Marino on Unsplash