H is for Hypocrisy

H is for Hypocrisy

The flag is NOT to be displayed on the horizontal
yet the fake news about #takeaknee being disrespectful to it is constitutional

Nor worn as apparel or carried as a purse
yet theses Right Wingers do that to it and worse

They call themselves Fiscal Conservatives and say on that you can bet
but, want to add 1.5 Trillion dollars to the national debt

Last night they made their backroom deals with 6,000 lobbyist nipping that their heals
and will use the poor, children and the disabled as their human shields

They plan to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid
because their real job is to work for their 1% Over-lords from which they get paid

Today they are all smiles and are happy
and tomorrow they will lie about the tax scam on national tv

All of these examples make it plain to see
that here in America the letter H is for Hypocrisy

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson 12/2/17

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