Afterword – The Wind Harp

Afterword – The Wind Harp

“Every creative work of the Spirit of God within the human soul is preceded by devastation; for the Spirit moves as a whirlwind, wrenching out the offending thing, and then follows as a warm breeze on a quiet sea. For as the heart yields to desire for Him, it finds that desire not satiated but intensified. The hunger grows deeper and stronger, for it can be satisfied only with His fullness.” Frances J Roberts

A wind harp is just what it sounds like – it’s a harp built outside so as the winds blow, heaven’s music plays. On a pleasant day breezes caress its strings, floating the air with the light, glittering melodies of angels. What’s remarkable about a wind harp though, is that during the violent gales of a raging storm, the brutal bursts of winds against its strings create the most beautiful music one has ever heard. The clear, valiant notes rise above the torrent in dominating and unblinking victory. The story God has written in my life over the last few years have been the fiercest storms I’ve ever lived. Out of it He’s opened my eyes to the most selfless and sacrificial people, He’s awakened me to the inexplicable production of pain, He’s taught me the ruthless beauty of sanctification one day at a time, and poured into me the most authentic, unshakeable joy I’ve ever known.

I’m simple strings stretched across a solid place. And the Sender of the winds? Well, He’s a masterful composer.

N. Ford

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