Too Many Expectations Can Spoil The Broth

Too many expectations can spoil the broth

Have you come across situations, when you have played the entire event many times in your head, before it materializes in reality?
Do you tend to spend a lot of time- anticipating/expecting/ predicting things about the future, only to be bored by the time it actually happens?
Can over-expectations and anticipations jinx the entire project?
And finally, do expectations squeeze out all the fun from the present?
It is human nature to think way ahead from what lies in front. Expectations and anticipations form a part of our routine, as we tend to imagine the outcome, before investing any efforts. Feel of a medal and shine of the trophy attract us towards the end of a competition, while all we do is just register for one.
There is no harm in enjoying this picture in our mind, but it is incorrect to live in such kind of imagination forever. Instead of expecting something and then working out to fulfill it, we should go the other way round. Work hard without any expectations and be amazed by the output.
When we hope to extract too much out of a situation, the outcome never seems to match it in any way. Even though the experience may turn out to be amazing, it is difficult to draw satisfaction and content. Somewhere in our minds, we tend to play with a calculator, while analyzing and calculating, rather than partying and dancing. If we anticipate a lot about an event, project or phase, we are only pressuring our skills. It is unfair on ourselves to hope and expect too much.
Instead of anticipating a huge bonus at the end, wouldn’t it help to just go with the flow? Savoring the dessert after a successful meal will taste sweeter, after we have worked hard to achieve it. No matter how well the output turns out to be, something will seem incomplete, when we tend to run the entire show in our heads.
Expectations take away the charm of hard work, sincerity and determination, leaving us with a hollow space that can never be filled. It is one thing to plan our efforts in a systematic manner in order to reach the goal; and another to picture the prize before framing the first step. We can only create strategies to work in a particular way. We cannot reverse the process from output to input. It is essential to go from the raw materials to the product.
If we learn the art of minimizing expectations, we will realize that real fun lies along the way. Do not expect too much from an event and seek happiness at every corner. Sure the finish line is more tempting, but so is the track you are on. While you master the technique of enjoying the path, you will simply amplify the overall fun. If you win at the end, it will pose as a cherry on top. And in case you don’t, you still have the cake!

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