Pieces, Not Whole

Pieces, Not Whole.

I needed time to know that my heart is under the sea; buried in the deep, somewhere between you and me and in a place where my memories of you are still alive; where time has stopped. I am not here and, I don’t remember the light. Darkness is somewhere we both meet; under their lies and eyes.
I am not alone, you are what I see; you are me! I don’t feel them anymore. They don’t exist in my mind, your voice is the only thing that speaks to me when the silence is loud. They don’t exist in my mind, they belong to someone else and, we belong to each other. I don’t see them, they are somewhere else and we belong together.
The ocean in my eyes is watering the forest in salt and, the salt belongs to you. And, you hide it where they don’t see. And, you hide it where they don’t exist.
The stars are on our skin and they are burying us in million lights. The sea where I belong, belongs to you and the depth of water belongs to me.
Your eyes are talking into mine; the color of the night and they are telling me secrets of my own. They can’t hear us, we are the moon. They can’t see us we are the wolf. And, they are blaming us for the red tide and for the wild child. They are blaming us for fire and blood, they are blaming us for we loved.
And, I loved harder … broken.
And, I loved into pieces … not whole.
For, in the light I loved alone.


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