Applying Calculated Risks To The Project Of Life

Applying Calculated Risks To The Project Of Life

There is nothing new about calculated risks. Each one of us must have taken it at least once or twice in order to fulfil a project, or an assignment. Though the term is specifically applied to the domain of business and entrepreneurship, isn’t it applicable to our usual life too? Aren’t we forced to take risks in order to transform our dream into reality or convert our passion into a practical project?
As dangerous and difficult as it sounds, calculated risks are after all ‘risky’ at the end of the day. Risks place us right in the middle of danger, making us vulnerable to failures, disappointments, and sorrow. No matter how hard we work or how focused we seem to be, there is something that can always go wrong. And when uncertain circumstances decide to play their cards, we are left at the mercy of unexpected outcomes and undesired consequences. If risks are so unwelcoming, why should we take it? Why is it essential to jump into calculated risks, when we are not at all sure about the possibility of a safety net below? The simple answer to all these not-so-simple questions is ‘Happiness at the end of the tunnel’.
Life is not designed to be simple, monotonous, and certain. It is not a programmed assignment with step-by-step flowchart. If everything is known right from start to end, we wouldn’t be enjoying the perks of an eventful life. In order to extract the true meaning of birth, it is necessary to follow our desires. Everything we want in life is never spread out like a buffet. Unless we make efforts, find our calling and work hard for what we love the most, there is no dessert at the end for any of us. Passion and ambition drive us towards efforts. It is this desire to be happy and live a fulfilling journey that forces us towards calculated risks. Sure there will be failures, losses and tears along the way, but so will be joy and sense of satisfaction.
Calculated risks are nothing but bold projects, where we are sure of certain errors. No matter how well we plan, execute, analyze and shower caution, somethings may choose to turn their backs and walk away. But, knowing about risks and playing safe is not the key to passion. If we decide to weigh challenges above efforts, we will never find it possible to proceed ahead. Knowing well that there are risks, yet fueling work with confidence is the secret ingredient to eternal happiness. Long-lasting feelings of satisfaction stem from the ability to take calculated risks in usual domain of life. It is not restricted to business deals or commercial projects alone, our own happiness and joy relies over these bold steps too.
Passion is our dream project that drives us to work every day. Though ‘making a living’ is the primary motive behind doing what we do, ‘enjoying a living’ demands something more than just doing. If we intend to experience pure happiness, joy and pleasure of driving this wonderful opportunity called life, it is extremely essential to get going.
Take risks to be happy, and work for that dream, no matter how difficult it seems. There will always be someone to laugh at you or doubt your unusual courage, but no one to hear the inner voice that rises from within. As it tells you to quit inhibitions and get to work, you must follow the path to make yourself happy. Nothing was meant to be a cake walk. Unless you risk the possibility of failure, you cannot embrace success with open arms.
All you ever wanted is outside your comfort zone, so take the risk of defeat and savor the taste of joy.

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