Don’t Worry What People Think About You

Don’t Worry What People Think About You

If only we could please every single person around us, life would be fantastic, wouldn’t it? But, is it really so? Is it possible to act as per expectations and beliefs of people? Is it possible to live the way others think is best for us? And most important of all, is it necessary to think about what others think about us? The answer to these questions is a plain NO. We are offered a unique opportunity of birth. We are blessed with resources, opportunities, situations and moments to live our life. Just as our finger prints are unique, so are our life stories and goals. Each one of us has an independent mind to take us through the journey called life. Though it is necessary to seek guidance, advice and inspiration from the experienced, it is incorrect to follow someone blindly or live as a puppet. What people think about you is never in your hands which makes it impossible to change.
Though we may make several attempts to justify our stand or explain our ideas, beliefs and actions, we cannot change the opinion of every single person around us. Investing our efforts in justification will simply take away all our valuable time. As long as you listen to your inner voice and do things that make you happy, there is nothing to doubt. This attitude does not support selfishness. It does not put us into some cave and force us to alienate from others. There is a thin line between listening to opinions and getting immensely affected by it. If we hold our goal and purpose in clear sight, and know the reason behind our actions, it becomes unnecessary to be impacted by every single word.
People may not understand the source of your happiness. They may not be able to comprehend your ideas or plans. Such a case of misunderstanding does not demand your immediate attention. If we spend all our time and energy in explaining what works best for us, we may not have the time for that ‘work’. Rather than worrying and feeling bad about what people think about us, we must focus over our goals and tasks. The matter of fact is nothing we do or think or plan can appeal to every person around us. Something will always be incorrect/inappropriate/unnecessary/ useless/beneficial/good/bad for our loved ones. If one aspect is good for one, that same factor will be undesirable for someone else. As each one of us has a different thought process, our beliefs can never match with each and every one.
This makes it essential to be receptive to advice, but do what our heart says. If we allow negative thoughts and criticism to impact our confidence, we will lose the desire to keep going. The aim is not to please others but to make our own mind happy. People will misunderstand your actions because they will weigh them against the scale of their beliefs. And while they do so, you cannot blame them for thinking about you in their own head. As long as you do not let it affect your line of work or your plans, there is nothing to worry about. There is nothing wrong if people think about you, but everything is wrong if you let it affect you. It is natural to think about others and judge them in our minds, we all tend to do it. But, if we allow this judgment to worry and bother us, it will turn dangerous in no time.
Live life on your terms and don’t worry about what people think. They will think no matter how hard you try to defend -so ignore it, if you must.


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