If you don’t have water or clean water
If you don’t have food or safe food
If you are homeless
If you live paycheck to paycheck
If you don’t have health care or affordable health care
If you can’t surf the web or go to any site you want
If you can’t speak the truth-off-line or on-line
If you suffer from discrimination or hate
If your vote is not counted or under counted
If you don’t have proper legal and/or political representation
If your country does not have open and honest elections
If in your country “alt-truth or “truth decay” exists
If your streets and homes are not safe
If you are not safe in your person from abuse either sexual, physical or psychological

If any of the above is true for you-you are NOT-FREE

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson 2/9/18

Hussein’s Featured Publication Page:

Sometimes The Bear Eats You




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