The I.C.E. Man Cometh

The I.C.E. Man Cometh*

I am not talking about Jerry Butler’s song
but the real fear illegal aliens face all day long

Hanging over them like the sword of Damocles is the threat of deportation
from our ungrateful nation

Because of Racial indifference as in O’Neil’s play
which is are our “reality” here in America today

The System uses the law to mask hate
and to slow down the USA’s eventual fate

Because come 2040 the US will no longer have a White majority
and the tables will turn in favor of the current POC minority

With the end of DACA some are being forced out of the only place they ever called home
I pray someday they will find Shalom

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson 2/13/18

*Kudos and Credit to Eugene O’Neil’s play and Jerry Butler’s Album, “The Iceman Cometh” for the title and inspiration of this poem

Sometimes The Bear Eats You





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