Wait And Watch

When ‘Wait And Watch’ Is The Need Of The Hour

Picture this – you have invested every possible effort for the final project, you have ensured every necessary step is executed from your end, you have calculated few risks and made alternative arrangements to prevent a mishap, and you have exhibited utmost levels of dedication.
Does all of this guarantee success, happiness and satisfaction?
Since you have worked hard as much as you can and more than expected, can you be sure of the outcome, right away?
Does life grant you immediate reward as part of the ‘karma’ package?
The reality is not as rosy as we dream it to be. No matter how hard we work for expected situations in life, each one of us must harbor something called as ‘patience’.
All our hard work and dedication will be acknowledged one day, but not unless we are patient towards it. Even though we know the expected outcome by looking at past examples or similar successful cases in history, each one of us is forced to face the challenge called ‘Time’. Patience will take us to the final destination, while we wait with every possible inch of calmness. Often, we fail to display this patience and it begins to work against our favor. All our work hard shall go down the drain, if we refuse to believe in the power of time. Allowing an easy access to impatience and restlessness will make you unhappy, pushing all your efforts, smartness, devotion and interest. It is nothing less than self-harm, if we let our mind wander. Hence, patience and trust must enter on-stage to make things easier. Unless, we incorporate the concept of ‘wait and watch’, it may backfire in certain cases.
When the expected reward is delayed by unimaginable periods, it definitely paves way for frustration. But, if nothing lies within our control, the best we can do is wait for the magic of time. We must allow time to play its cards, as our frustration and anger will do nothing but harm. What is the point of being angry at the fact that the output is delayed? Rather than spoiling your cool and calmness with worries, it is essential to quit thinking and start acting. Focus your attention to the next project in hand or prepare yourself for the future. While you wait for the result of your first assignment, gather skills for the next one. Learn something different that will help you in the future. Waiting is not wasting, if we know how to deal with the unavoidable long duration.
The expected fame, wealth, recognition or confirmation will come to you, when the time is right. After you have executed efforts from your end, the only job left is ‘waiting and watching’. At times it is necessary to halt for a short while and hope for the best. If we cannot influence the input stage in any way, there is no benefit of just fussing over the output. Waiting with a calm sense of mind is the need of the hour. When everything goes as per plan, we seldom think about our beliefs and principles. It is only when life chooses to test us with uncertainties and unexpected delays, we come closer to the real human residing within. It prompts us to adopt a much calmer, matured and stable outlook towards waits and delays.
Wait and watch for everyone gets their due. Focus on actions in the ‘here and now’, rather than overthinking about the results ‘there and then’.

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