Why Do We Take Tensions For Nothing?

Why Do We Take Tensions For Nothing?

Let me start this post with an interesting exercise. Think about what you thought during the last 24 hours and ask yourself if it involved any tensions or worries?

If you confidently answer NO with the firm attitude that tensions are not a part of your system, pat your back and congratulate yourself. You are definitely living life the way it is meant to be with unnecessary worries at bay. But, if you are guilty of dragging your mind into useless tensions, may be it the right time to try something different.

Taking tensions is more of a habit than a required action. It does not yield any result, it is not designed for any purpose and neither is it essential, even in slightest quantities. There are no experiments or studies till date that link tensions to any productive output. There is no possible connection between solving problems through the sole means of harboring worries. If tensions could lower at least a half portion of our challenges, it would be so resourceful. If we could just worry for a short, designated duration and expect clearance of difficulties in the matter of minutes, life would be so awesome, wouldn’t it? But, the truth is, worries and tensions promise or do nothing of this.

Worries or tensions are the most common form of distractions that are entertained by every living being. No matter what age/gender/occupation/lifestyle/faith or belief we follow, worries crowd our mind like something as obvious as the oxygen we breathe. The intensity and purpose of these tensions may vary, but the underlying purpose of pushing us into a pool of sorrow stays the same. Worrying is a part of our natural human tendency, hence we cannot expect to wipe it from our memories forever. It is impossible to train our mind and keep it away from some negative thoughts, usual fears and expected doubts. But, it is absolutely possible to control our thought process. Since we know about the uselessness of tensions, we must stay away as much as possible.

None of this is feasible through an overnight process. One day we decide to quit worrying and the next day onwards this change is apparent is totally fictional by all means. Though tensions linger around as an unwanted reality, we should reduce the habit. It is necessary to take efforts and limit this unnecessary action of worrying. No matter how scary the future may seem to be, your tensions are not helping in any way. Instead it is only adding to the already heavy burden of difficulties, pulling you into the dirty pile of sadness.

Do not take tensions, instead take actions. Take the charge of responsibility in your hands, and strive to make a difference. Invest efforts from your end and wait for the magic of circumstances. It is true 100% efforts may not yield the desirable results. Even though you put all your hard work, unexpected situations may spoil the show. But that does not justify the need to bring in worries. Tensions will only spoil the broth into some waste product. Hence, stop the habit of taking tensions. Cut it off at the right time and do not entertain this useless action forever. Before the act turns into an addiction or a full-time occupation, quit those worries and live a fulfilled life. Take one day at a time with necessary work in hand, rather than worrying about decades into the future.

Now repeat the above exercise after a few days and see the difference. Find the answer to the question- Did you stop taking tensions or are you still doing the same for nothing?



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