Calmness Amidst Chaos

Calmness Amidst Chaos

I will not blame you for reading the title twice and thrice, just to make sure you got it right. As unusual, impossible, incorrect andabsurd as it sounds, it is only natural to look at it in a confused way. But, there is every ounce of truth in the thought that calmness is possible and essential, while surrounded by chaos all around. The ability to be calm from inside, while dealing with chaotic situations on the outside makes us internally happy.

It is impossible to avoid undesirable situations. Though we may behave as the best man/woman on this planet, adhering to every single requirement laid out in the rule book of humanity (assuming it exists), it is impossible to be immune to difficulties. Our life depends on external situations and circumstances, bringing out the hidden person within. Though we may plan to act in a certain way with careful efforts to stay away from troubles, they are bound to reach our address. Sorrow, misunderstanding and disappointment seem to possess a flawless navigation system that points to every household. Though you may not be involved in a certain situation directly, the indirect heat of troubles can reach your way. Amidst all this unavoidable chaos, you may not be able to prevent it, but you can always reduce its influence.

Instead of crying over the circumstances and blaming every possible factor around us (like we always tend to do), we must be able to be calm from within. How we react to such difficulties determines the outcome. Whether we shout and be angry on everything around us or simply accept the chaos to get into the action mode will decide the fate ahead. None of us are born with a perfect life and a perfect road map. As we struggle to find the way, we cannot expect a straight road or demand for one. Dealing with the roadblocks is an imperative part of the process. We cannot erase them, but we can devise a way to enjoy the journey. Acceptance takes us one step closer to the destination. While sticking to internal peace, calmness, silence and trust ensures the journey is as smooth as possible. Our attitude towards life is the most important aspect. It cannot be purchased or borrowed. Neither can we depend on others to keep us happy and calm all the time. Blaming others for our set of troubles and anger is like giving away our responsibility to them and expecting a happy life in return.

Staying calm among chaotic situations is the first step towards finding a solution. It does not mean difficulties are easy to handle or we can simply sit quietly hoping for some miracle. We need to find solutions and perform actions. But with a peaceful attitude. This will help us think clearly and move to some conclusion. Adopting a calm approach is more of permanent habit than a temporary solution. It forms a part of our system, making us calm and matured in every kind of situation. The type of problem and its influence over our life will change in every case, but the ability to handle it well will remain the same.

Stay calm amidst chaos and feel the difference. It will only makes you stronger, happier, and more matured to juggle everything thrown at you.


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