When We Fail To Practice What We Preach

When We Fail To Practice What We Preach

It is only human to make mistakes. It is only human to make multiple attempts and it is also human to correct them as soon as possible. We hold strong beliefs about diverse aspects in our life. We make it a point to be true to those thoughts. But, often fail to practice them due to unfavorable circumstances. No matter how much we promise ourselves and those around us, we may fall into the temptation of doing undesirable actions as a consequence of certain situations. Our strong desire to stay away from anger, hatred, disappointment, sorrow or helplessness may be compromised on such occasions, forcing us to go through the forbidden path. This error can easily turn into a habit, leading us to undesirable experiences.

If we practice and believe strongly about certain things, we should adhere to it along all circumstances. Our beliefs are not designed for flexibility, allowing occasional compromise. There is nothing lethal about failing to do so. But, it may unknowingly form a habit. If we fail to practice our words, thoughts and opinions, it can lead to mistrust and misunderstanding. Since we are the best judges of our situations, we know the good from bad. This makes it essential to stay true to our thinking. It throws light over the significance of living a truthful life. We cannot play with our mind as it knows it all.

It is quite natural to slip over the path once in a while. We may hold a strong opinion about something but find it impossible to protect it. Or we may find pleasure in short cuts as they seem easy over longer tedious routes. In such situations it is pointless to punish ourselves or sit in regret forever. Rather than shedding tears after the damage is done, we can strive to improve ourselves. We can promise to stay away from similar mistakes in the future. Performing a wrong action is not as dangerous as not realizing the error in the first place. If we refuse to accept, we can never make progress. Hence it is important to accept and then strive for an improvement in the future.

Preaching good things to the world around and not following the same in our own life is like improving the world at the cost of spoiling ourselves. There is no need to promote sanity and wisdom, when it is difficult to implement it in our own path. Strive to believe in your words and stay true to them as much as possible.

Though we may consciously make efforts, it may go south more often than expected. The key is to keep trying. The number oftimes we fail only proves we did not quit. Giving up our good ideas under the pretext that it is too impractical to be true only adds to our loss. We know the benefits of implementing them, we know the harm of failing, yet we find it difficult to stay disciplined.

Think about what you preach and do you really follow the same in your eventful journey? The joy of living enhances with our ideas, thoughts, beliefs and trust in the fact that ‘Life is good, indeed!’



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