Our Journey Through Circumstances

Our Journey Through Circumstances

Growing up when I heard this word too often, I thought to myself “How can ‘circumstances’ decide what I want to do?” or “Why should I listen to ‘circumstances’, when all my plans are chalked out loud and clear? Isn’t it like giving unnecessary importance to something? Circumstances do influence our journey. They do dictate some changes to our plans. They also tend to make us wait too long and turn us into restless individuals, while we attempt to find our way out. But, circumstances are the essential factors that guide us through the journey. They empower us to find solutions, devise novel ideas and create a future full of possibilities.

How we look at circumstances determines our way of living. It all depends on our perspective whether we use it to our advantage or treat ourselves as victims. We can either blame our circumstances for all the wrongs in life or we can go with the flow and find happiness in everything that happens to us. We fail to realize but things unfold in our life for a reason. It is impossible to find that right away and be contented. As human nature guides us, we tend to be impatient, worried and anxious when things don’t go as per plan. But, in each of these situations, we must realize that circumstances only make us stronger.

If we cannot tune ourselves to the frequency of this uncertainty,we cannot draw maximum joy of living. Our life is not programmed with predictable behavior from start to end. We cannot possibly know every single event in the future right from now. The fun is enjoying as we move along and embracing the opportunity as they come. Rigid attitude towards life will only make us unhappy. We may not appreciate it as it happens, but challenges and uncertainties make us capable. We learn to find alternatives and beat the sorrows in the best possible way. It is natural to be disheartened and sad when things do not proceed as per our desire. Yet there is no magic shield to protect from them.

One who learns how to handle circumstances and live to the best of the situation cracks the code of eternal happiness. When we empower ourselves to be happy however the situation, we extract the best way of living. How can we let circumstances decide our happiness, when we can do it ourselves? Though we cannot avoid failures and sorrow, we can lighten our attitude towards life.

Acceptance is the first step to plan any actions for the course ahead. If we invest our energy in regretting, crying, treating ourselves as victims, we can never be happy. It is easy to blame everything around us. More often than desired, life will seem to play a game with us, while we sit and curse our stars. Though we may invest every possible effort, there can be chances of delays and disappointments or last minute cancellations beyond our control. The key is to use every situation to our benefit.

Treat circumstances as hidden opportunities. Use them as guidance signals, while you find your way in the maze of life.



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