Let The Momentary Clouds Pass

Let The Momentary Clouds Pass

How often does one sad moment determine the nature of our day? How often does an angry note spoil the sacred bond of ourrelationship and how often do we allow few moments of disappointment pull us into long episodes of self-doubt and restlessness? If you answer these as ‘never or quite few’, you should congratulate yourself for being able to handle the momentary sadness well. But if you are guilty of ruining your day/relationship/ overall attitude towards life due to short temporary incidences, it is cause for an alarm towards conscious understanding.

When all looks gloomy, it is impossible to concentrate on the good side. We are programmed to treat everything alike making it difficult to seek happiness or find the good hidden within. This tendency of weighing momentary situations and allowing them to ruin the entire show causes loads of troubles. Rather, if we accept the momentary sadness and promise to look at it a little later, we may avoid long fights, hatred, anger and disturbances. Momentary pain makes it impossible to think for a solution. When confronted with failure, we are bound to experience frustration. There is nothing wrong in being upset and angry, but everything is wrong if we allow it to govern our outputs. Anger and disappointment pull us into some terrible reactions muchbefore we realize.

Instead of allowing it to rule the situation, we can make an attempt to sit quietly and lay low for a while. It does not wipe away the failure, neither will it present some solution like amagic trick. But it will erase away any ill emotions and ill reactions. Sorrow knows its way of adding fuel to the fire. It will only prompt you to overthink and look at all the disasters around. It is an open invitation to focus on everything that is wrong. Soon you will realize -every situation, every person, every relationship and also every place around you is filled with problems. All this hatred boils into undesirable actions that cause more pain than the primary problem that got you there.

If we succeed in allowing this cloud to pass, we may protect ourselves and those around us. The problem will still need our efforts and ideas, but it will eliminate any hurtful reactions to the situation. Because when the challenge is actually solved, what may remain behind is dark memories fueled by anger and sorrow. We cannot avoid sadness, but we can make an attempt to control our reactions. Sometimes all it takes is absolute silence and few moments of contemplation. If we cannot control our speech and temper, the best thing to do is to keep quiet. After the heat of the moment disappears, we can think in a much better manner.

Destruction takes few minutes while construction demands days, months and years. When we sense anger in our system or growing disappointment that hurts, strive to switch off the roaring engine. Try to forget everything because your thoughts will only focus on the bad part. Ignorance will not change the situation but will definitely ease the process of tackling it.

Give yourself some time and look at the situation with a cooler approach. You will be surprised to realize that all that sorrow was for nothing. Cloudy skies limit our understanding, but if wait for a clear day, we may be able to think better.



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