To Be…

To Be…

The longing for more…

For change-something new

The constructional cracks in your soul seen by you.

Thinking about time running out. To old, to slow, unheard, unseen

Questioning everything and everyone, but especially yourself with what ifs, should haves, and could have been.

Replaying old failures that worked out for the good, if you look out far enough or back at the facts.

Trying to find and hold on to solid footing when the feeling of drifting away keeps creeping in.

But what if…

The old spiritual that says to “grip the solid rock” really works.

My friend said to “tie a knot at the end of your rope and hold on” help is on the way.

The bible says that “our present troubles are small and won’t last long”. Trust in God for everything.

The only choice is to believe that tomorrow makes for a new beginning…that yesterday was training for the good to come.  

The strongest are challenged to stand in the gap for those who need the most help, and your come back is one moment away. So maybe you are stronger than you think.

That big hurt, mistake, and stumble is but a passing memory in your future.

God does know all about the outcome so breathe in and out, smile at old memories, and begin again to be you.


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