Hate crimes are now on the rise

NRA got caught working with Russian spies

Our election system is beyond antiquated 

some of  the equipment goes  back to when Anthony and Cleopatra dated

Trump is trying to convince the “Sheeple”that the press is “The Enemy of The People”

While he wastes 200 million dollars on a fake show of force

this reminds me that here in the US, common sense and reality have filed for a divorce 

Politician and Lobbyists are hand in hand climbing up Motel room back stairs

so they can carry on their covert and lucrative affairs 

Due to the Cali forest fires ,76 people and 129 million trees are dead

this leaves my heart filled with dread

Let alone the additional air pollution

along with global warming-another problem for which our leaders DON’T have a  solution

I feel I am living in one huge sick joke

this disturbing realization was on my mind this morning as I- #AWOKE

Hussein Ali Hill-Johnson 11/23/18

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